Coronavirus Update

Tips for getting through this virus and society’s big change:

1). Don’t bulk buy! If everyone continues to do so, things are going to get very stressful and it is going to be impossible for everyone to get what they need. If this continues happening….

2). Find out when your local supermarket gets their deliveries. Once you know when their deliveries arrive, you can arrive around an hour later, and everything will be in the back if it is not on the shelves already. Stay calm and take your time.

3). Amazon! Currently amazon is the ideal company for orders online. All supermarkets are struggling to handle the increase in demand and as a result are currently understaffed. Amazon have always had a great deal of staff, and more so than any other company, can handle an increase in demand.

4). Make additional income. Of course it is easier said than done, but we have identified a number of easy and reliable methods to earn additional income and have published them on our site. We are looking for more and will update our extra income page whenever we find a source that is not only trustworthy and reliable, but consistent.

5). Review the government aid packages. Check if you are eligible for additional income help. If you have an employer, clarify with them that they will continue to pay your normal wages, and clarify with them if you are indeed eligible for additional support. If employed in the UK, the government will pay 80% of your monthly income, up to £2500 per month. In the USA, if you are sick, you will be entitled to the full amount you are paid daily (up to $511 per day). If someone you care for is ill, you will be entitled to two thirds of your daily amount, up to a total of $200 per day.

6). Self employed or freelancers. You should after the governments announcement, be entitled to statutory sick pay. In the UK you should be able to claim £94.25 per week. At present, nothing is in place if you are in this situation in the USA.

7). Increase in working tax credit. If you are entitled to working tax credit, you will be entitled to an additional £1000 a year thanks to the increase from the chancellor.