Cryptocurrency is the new wave of investing and it will be more relevant to Generation Z than anyone else. The blockchain technology that cryptocurrency is built on will be at the forefront of all business industries moving forward and as such, the use cases for cryptocurrencies will be enormous. We will show you how to get started with investing.

How To Get Started

First of all, Coinbase is where you go to make an initial investment. In this video, we discuss the cryptocurrency space and where to start if you are new to cryptocurrency. We look at the Coinbase platform. The coinbase platform has existed for a while and in the past two years they have really worked on improving the range of assets that can be purchased. This tutorial gives a clear explanation of how to purchase cryptocurrency on this platform. It is incredibly easy to set up an account. Your next job is to add your bank account to the platform. Then all that is left is to decide which cryptocurrency you wish to get started with. If you are going to use Coinbase, you should make sure to use someone’s link as you can get an additional $10 when you spend $100. Whether it is ours or someone elses, it is absolutely worth doing. Here is ours:

Coinbase Tutorial

Sending funds

We will now show you examples of how you send funds, in the following video, if you wish to trade your cryptocurrencies on an exchange like Binance or Kucoin (click on the names to be sent there). At these exchanges, you can then decide to trade the cryptocurrency you sent there, for another that is traded.

Our UDEMY Course

In this course we review our number 1 investment in the cryptocurrency space. It is a currency at the forefront of a technology market that will explode in the next 10 years and already has contracts with governments.